Architectural lighting

BUCK general lighting is intended for different types of interiors and exteriors and is especially suitable as office lighting and lighting for retail shops, educational institutions, hotels, shopping malls, galleries etc. It is a reliable choice for any space.

Advantages of our products


The luminaires from our general lighting collection add character to the space, making it a functional and welcoming ambience. General purpose luminaires are a reliable choice thanks to the highest quality components used in their manufacture, as well as the high energy efficiency that distinguishes them.


BUCK general purpose luminaires


The type of luminaires depends on the purpose of the space, while their shape is in line with the interior. BUCK`s portfolio offers a great choice – from discrete track systems, to circular and square shapes that fit the overall look of the interior.


What areas are general purpose luminaires intended for?


The versatile selection of general lighting enables its wide application. Lighting quality always comes first, but BUCK`s portfolio also meets the aesthetic criteria, so it fits perfectly in different spaces. General LED lighting is especially suitable in following cases:


Office lighting


Our LED office lighting provides a comfortable work environment, high employee productivity, comfortable working and many other benefits of providing high quality office lights.


The type of lighting is carefully selected according to the types of rooms in the workspace, ie their purpose. Office lighting in the work space provides employees with complete visual comfort, while warm and indirect light is reserved for the rest rooms.

Lighting in schools and other educational institutions


Just like office LED lighting, lighting for schools and other educational institutions must also catch the eye. Long-lasting high quality lighting also allows for more productive and well-used hours in these institutions, so LED classroom lighting is an adequate solution for all educational institutions.


Lighting for stores and showrooms


Adequate lighting in retail shops is significant for the aesthetic impression they make on visitors. Good store lighting can be used to highlight new products to customers, or to highlight a particular brand message. Playing with contrasts and illuminated products, general lighting is a good choice of lighting for different locations – shops or showrooms.


Reliable choice of lighting that meets all criteria


Whether you need office lighting or you want to equip other areas with general lighting, BUCK offers different types of luminaires that will meet your criteria in terms of quality, functionality or aesthetics.

Take a look at our general lighting offer, choose the type of lighting and the product that fits your space. Send us an inquiry and we will reply to you as soon as possible.