Medical lighting

The medical lighting we produce has the highest quality of light obtained, compliance with high hygiene standards, as well as the longevity of installed equipment. These characteristics are necessary for reliable illumination of areas intended for performing activities such as medical examinations, interventions and surgeries.

LED medical luminaires that are part of the BUCK portfolio are made of the latest optical and electrical components and are characterized by high energy efficiency, making them a suitable choice for equipping hospitals, surgeries, laboratories, and other medical facilities.

Why is BUCK LED medical lighting a good solution?


Operating rooms, laboratories, intensive care rooms and recovery rooms have special requirements for lighting, the cleanliness of the luminaires as  well as their maintenance. It is essential that everything works flawlessly, that maintenance is easy because the premises are in use 24/7.


Our medical lighting meets high hygiene standards and is particularly resistant to aggressive cleaning agents that are essential for their maintenance. It is also important that the casing of the luminaire is smooth, so that dust does not linger on it and that it is possible to clean and maintain the entire surface.


The Clean Room luminaire from our portfolio can be protected by a bactericidal layer as a standard, which prevents bacteria from spreading on the surface.

Comfort for patients and employees


The medical luminaires from BUCK production mounted above hospital beds provide excellent illumination for medical staff as well as pleasant lighting for patients (human-centric lighting).


As medical facilities are in many cases  in use 24/7, it is important to provide adequate illumination to the residents of both patients and employees.


This means that LED medical lighting should provide the recommended amount of light. In order for patients to recover and rest comfortably, there should not be too much of it. On the other hand, employees need sufficient light for examinations and supervision of patients. Quality medical lighting provides the optimum amount of light for anyone staying in the room.


Long-term choice of medical lighting


Another important feature of medical luminaires is their longevity. Due to the characteristic nature of the work, which involves shift work, frequent maintenance would prevent the use of certain rooms and thus disrupt the operation of hospitals and manufacturing facilities.


Our medical lighting is of superior quality, so it undoubtedly offers longevity as one of its benefits, which is vital for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.


Lighting that provides full visual comfort, compliance with hygiene standards and longevity of equipment are the most important features that characterize our medical LED lighting. However, no less significant is its practicality. Our medical luminaires are easy to install but also easy to maintain.


BUCK Medical LED lighting is suitable for various types of rooms


Medical LED lighting from our portfolio is suitable for all types of  rooms in healthcare institutions, so you can contact us if you need lighting for:


  • operating rooms
  • patient rooms (intensive care and recovery)
  • laboratories
  • for hospitals, various medical facilities and offices, as well as facilities for the pharmaceutical and other high-tech industries.


Additional benefits of our medical LED luminaires


Some luminaires can be equipped with an emergency module as well as a central power system (CBS) – which means direct savings on the installation of emergency lighting. If you choose our Medico bed head unit for lighting and distribution of medical gases, the system may be equipped with:


  • separate integration of direct and indirect light component,
  • integrated distribution of medical gases,
  • additional sockets,
  • reading light,
  • nurse button,
  • blinds and speakers control, etc.


In order for our models to fully suit your environment, in addition to the default light color temperatures, you can send specific requests for most products. If you need reliable medical LED lighting, send us an inquiry and we will respond as soon as possible.