Public lighting

Public lighting due to the high frequency of vehicles and passengers on streets, intersections, airports, metros and train stations requires special access to lighting. Given that such spaces are fully operational 24/7, durability and minimal maintenance are very important features that public, and especially street lighting, require, in addition to optimal visibility and low energy consumption. All of these installations can be integrated into SmartCity and other management solutions, including presence control, daylight sensors, and various other public lighting and street lighting systems that facilitate and enhance the flow of people and vehicles.

Public lighting is an indispensable part of every city’s infrastructure. The term refers to illumination of all public spaces such as airports, train and other stations, squares, facades, as well as streets. Street lighting also includes lighting of small streets, roads of various sizes, as well as large bypasses and highways, where luminaires produced by BUCK are a good choice because of their long working life and quality of workmanship, as well as excellent lighting performance.


LED street lighting uses energy efficient LED light sources, which have a long life span and low energy consumption. Due to the technical characteristics and compactness of the sources themselves, it is possible to optimize the housing assembly, to economize the consumed materials, while no additional equipment is required to integrate into the light management systems, and therefore no costs. For this reason, LED lighting is also called eco-friendly.


Public lighting and its characteristics


Public lighting plays an important role in the safety of individuals during the night. In addition to the fact that LED lighting allows pedestrians to move freely in the evening and early morning, it directly affects safer urban and intercity traffic.


We are dedicated to making BUCK streetlights a high quality workmanship, with the latest generation of electronic components light sources built in to have a longer life span, with minimal maintenance costs.


Synonymous with quality street lighting – BUCK street luminaires


Decades of experience in lighting production, focused on the harmony of functionality and aesthetics with minimal negative environmental impact, has enabled our brand to be successfully positioned as synonymous with quality street luminaires. Innovation, design and good business practices have enabled us to offer the best low-energy street lighting.


LED street lighting – benefits investors, end users and the environment

The value that quality street lighting based on LED technology creates for the entire community and infrastructure of residential areas, cities and states is almost immeasurable.


In addition to energy efficiency, BUCK lighting in the design of functional LED street luminaires Mistral and Vihor series, takes care of their adequate lighting characteristics, in accordance with the public interest in protecting health, safety and reducing light pollution.