Sports lighting - Floodlights

LED floodlights for sports fields, stadiums and halls play an extremely important role for the safety of sporting events. BUCK offers a wide range of LED spotlights that meet all sports lighting standards.

LED lighting for sports fields in our offer has optical and the latest generation of electrical components and is characterized by high energy efficiency. Lighting characteristics and longevity of BUCK LED floodlights are the reason why they are a reliable choice for lighting such projects.

Why are BUCK LED floodlights a good solution?


The LED floodlights in BUCK`s portfolio are designed to meet the standards of all sports activities, whether training or competing in professional or amateur leagues. With proper calculations and planning, using our products, it is possible to illuminate these spaces so that they meet even the most demanding criteria imposed by sports organizations such as FIFA, FIBA ​​or UEFA, which are a prerequisite for the possibility of television broadcasting.


We offer LED lighting for stadiums, sports fields, swimming pools, as well as other indoor and outdoor sports areas. Our range of products with a select number of items and a wide selection of optical components, as well as mounting methods, meets every standard of these spaces.


Full visual comfort is an imperative of all our products, which is especially pronounced when it comes to sports lighting. Adequate sports lighting contributes to the safety of athletes and provides good visibility throughout the game for both athletes and the audience. Thanks to its high energy efficiency BUCK LED floodlights provide significant energy savings as well as reduced maintenance costs.


What are our LED spotlights for stadiums, sports grounds and halls made from?


BUCK LED floodlights for sports grounds are  made from materials of highest quality. The floodlight housing is made of a combination of aluminum sheet, with improved corrosion resistance and extruded sheet profiles.


Other mechanical parts are made of stainless steel. Finishing is a conversion layer that provides better adhesion to the finish and greater corrosion resistance – which means long life for the light installation.


BUCK Sports Lighting – A Reliable and Practical Choice


Our LED floodlights for sports grounds are also adapted to other sports facilities and outdoor spaces such as ports, airports and train stations, so they are installed at different heights, depending on space requirements and capacity.


Given the height of sports facilities and the mounting height of the lighting equipment, we have put extra effort into facilitating installation, minimizing maintenance and installing premium equipment to obtain optimum performance and longevity of the device.


BUCK LED floodlights come with adjustable stainless steel mounts, with adjustable mounting angle.


Easy achieving the desired lighting effect 


Easy light control is another benefit of sports floodlights. By choosing the right pre-fittings 1-10 V analog dimming is enabled  and with the DALI protocol the connection to a central control system is possible. In this way several light scenarios can be set, depending on the use of the sports field (maintenance, training, matches without and with TV broadcast), from a centre control room.


The versatile selection of optical accessories enables one type of luminaire to be installed in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, grass or other fields, thus achieving the desired effect and aesthetic harmony of the entire installation.


LED floodlights for all weather conditions


BUCK LED floodlights feature an open design as well as a massive cooler, which enables safe operation and long-lasting high temperature lighting. Increased resistance to extreme weather conditions (heat, rain, salty atmosphere) makes our sports lighting a safe choice for any sports field.


BUCK LED lighting is a quality, reliable and easy-to-use solution for various outdoor and sports spaces! If you want to equip your space with BUCK LED floodlights that meet the highest standards of sports lighting, send us a direct inquiry.